Appointment reminders

10% of appointments end up no-shows in a typical clinic. it drops to 2.9% when patients are reminded.[...]*
— Guy Paré, Ph.D., HEC Montréal

Reduce no-shows and operating costs

The Appointment reminders module seamlessly integrates your processes and systems.  Patients receive reminders for their coming appointments, automatically, on any plateform (phone, email, SMS) and it's completely customizable. 

With Appointment reminders, a typical clinic reduces no-shows by more than 3 times. When done automatically instead of staff, a typical clinic reduces overall operating costs by more than 30%.

How it works

It integrates your processes and systems seamlessly.

  1. Your staff keep on booking appointments, as usual. We can also send you some.
  2. The Appointment reminders module fetches relevant info from your scheduling software.
  3. Reminders are sent automatically according to your chosen settings.
  4. No more no-shows. Stop paying your staff for a redundant task.

Easy and very efficient. We’re glad we decided to implement Appointment Reminders.
— a manager, Victoria Square Medical Center, Montreal

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