Free your patients!

No one likes to wait in a clinic. That's why we've created SmartWait. That system allows patients to get their freedom back and wait anywhere; at home, at work, etc. Patients receive notifications telling them when to show up, on time.

How it works

Your processes remain unchanged.

  1. Patients show up at the reception, as usual.
  2. Upon arrival, patients receive tickets showing their position in the queue.
  3. Patients have now the option to register on the Chronometriq kiosk and "SmartWait" elsewhere. Access to the service requires a small fee.
  4. Patients receive notifications letting them know when to return to the clinic. Patients can then enjoy their time as they see fit; run errands, work, rest at home.
It’s wonderful to be able to wait at home, especially with kids. 100% satisfied! Awesome concept!
— A statisfied SmartWait user, Clinique Médicale de Touraine, Gatineau

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