Online registration

Outstanding patient experience

With Online Registration, patients register directly to the clinic's walk-in queue on . We can also add a link on your website. By registering online, on any device, patients get the very best healthcare exprience.

How it works

It integrates your processes and systems seamlessly.

  1. Patients go to
  2. Patients search for clinics and medical services in their location.
  3. When the clinic is selected, patients fill a short registration form.
  4. Registration info is forwarded to the clinic.
  5. Patients access the virtual waiting room and receive notifications telling them when to show up.
I found this service very useful. It was great to be able to follow the status of the queue online. Getting organized for work was easy as I could plan when my turn would come up.

In addition, registering online prevented me from having to wake up early and wait in line for 1 hour. Greatly appreciated.

I told my colleagues and friends to use this service!
— A patient at Clinique médicale Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal

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